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1. Attics are one of the areas in a home most often affected by mold problems.

2. Insulation that was not properly installed or was blown around by air currents often clogs the soffits in the attic.

3. Improperly vented exhaust ducts from kitchen and bathroom fans are surprisingly common.

4. Moisture issues and mold growth can wreak havoc on wooden sheathing and structural components, which can be costly as well as time- and labour-intensive to repair.

5. As insulation accumulates moisture, its R-value can be dramatically affected.

6. A full attic inspection will include more than just a visual assessment.

Pacific Eco uses a variety of products to improve your homes health, energy efficiency and comfort level. Every home is different, our Eco Advisor will customize the best solution for your home and family.

Many strata corporations use the Standard Bylaws issued by the province. Under Standard Bylaw #8 (unless this has been amended) the strata corporation is responsible for the repair and maintenance of limited common property that occurs less of then once a year i.e. a contingency reserve fund expense. 

Standard Bylaw #8 states the strata corporation maintains and repairs the following limited common property regardless of how often it occurs:

  • structure of the building
  • exterior of the building
  • chimneys, stairs balconies and other things attached to the exterior of the building
  • doors, windows and skylights on the exterior of a building or that front on the common property
  • fences, railings and similar structures that enclose patios, balconies and yards
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No. you are not obligated to purchase any products or service from Pacific Eco. Although, our Eco Advisor will have a recommended solution for you to improve the health, energy efficiency and health of your home.

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