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Did you know that attics are the leading culprits when it comes to heat loss and heat gain in your home?

Insulation should be installed between the heated and unheated areas of your home. The best place to add or upgrade insulation is usually the attic. Proper insulation in your attic can reduce how much energy you use by 20 to 60 per cent.
Check your current attic insulation:
  • If you have less than 150 mm (6 inches) of insulation, it will definitely be worthwhile to put more in.
  • However, if you currently have vermiculite insulation (or even suspect you do), do not touch it! It may contain asbestos. Vermiculite insulation poses very little risk if the attic is sealed off from the rest of the house, but if you’ve decided that you must renovate or improve your insulation, call a qualified asbestos removal professional to remove it. Never try to remove vermiculite insulation yourself.

~BC Hydro | Power Smart

Multi Layer Insulation

Pacific Eco Tech’s NASA Inspired Multi Layer Insulation (MLI) helps prevent radiant heat from getting in during the summer and out during the winter. Regardless of how much insulation you have, adding our MLI will help you save on your heating and cooling expenses while keeping you cooler in the summer, warmer in the winter and much more comfortable year-round.

Solar Attic Fans

YellowBlue Eco Tech’s solar fans uses advanced technology to efficiently vent the excess heat and moisture in your attic. The Solar Attic Fan will also help maintain the highest possible air flow under all solar conditions by utilizing all the power available from the solar panel to set the highest fan speed.


KOOLMAXX Liquid Synthetic Additive (LSA) is specifically engineered to be used on all types of AC Units, Heat Pumps and Refrigeration Systems to improve performance and eliminate the build-up on internal surfaces caused by oil fouling.


Energy Saving Zone (ESZ) Controller uses patented Energy Efficient Intellegence (ENEF INTEL) and Smart Fan Technology. The patented ENEF INTEL can sense the stagnant cold or hot air is left in ducts and coils – then uses the Smart Fan Technology to expel the lingering cold or hot air. The ESZ Controller can be easily installed on any wall mounted thermostat or at the air handler and does not require a licensed technicain.

LED Lighting

LED has changed the way Canada sees light. Old, inefficient incandescents and CFLs are on their way out as new LED lighting technology delivers warm, traditional light, or a cooler, more modern white light, at a fraction of the energy costs.

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