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Unlike the many companies who were forced to consider green practices to remain viable in today’s marketplace, Pacific Eco was founded on ecology driven principles.

Since the beginning, we realized that eco technologies would serve as the primary resource of the future. That knowledge provided a significant lead in research and development that has placed our company at the forefront of the green industry.

Today, as consumers become more educated about safer and sustainable energy alternatives, they prefer dealing with green technology focused companies.

Having an investigative and implementable jump on new technologies in the design and development of eco-friendly, energy savings, and healthy-home practices and solutions ensures that we can deliver products and services that are not only green but cost-effective. Being green is not just a trend or a wave of the future—it is the future.

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All Pacific Eco products are environmentally safe, sustainable, and help you save money. By investing in proven energy conserving technologies, you are living smart and efficient while making the earth cleaner and healthier for future generations to come.

There are things you can do to live smart, save on utilities, and cut your heating and cooling costs. Little things such as turning your thermostat up to 25 in the warmer months and by turning your thermostat down to 20 in the cooler months can help your to save even more money.

You should keep your filters changed regularly, have your heating and cooling system inspected in the fall and spring, turn off the lights, unplug appliances, and make sure your doors and windows are properly sealed. These things are important and every little bit helps.

Our environment, our most precious asset.

You can make a difference.

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