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We spend most of our lives in our homes. Still, too many homeowners continue to experience uncomfortable hot and cold spots and increased energy costs.

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Elminating hot and cold zones within your home is just one of many benefits our products can provide


Today’s homeowners demand energy efficient products for their safety and the environment. Our products are designed to help you live smarter and more efficiently.


Pacific Eco’s NASA Inspired, Multi-Layer Insulation uses of 99.9% aluminum for it’s layers. These aluminum layers have tiny perforations to prevent moisture retention and prevent mold and other bacteria growth.

Solar Attic Fans

A healthy attic supports a healthy home. Our solar fans are perfect for removing heat and moisture for proper ventilation.


SRA is an engineered liquid designed to eliminates oil fouling in one treatment and immediately improves the cooling capacity that will last the life of your unit.


ThermX is designed specifically for mixing into paints, coatings and composites to form a tight interlocking matrix which reduces conductive heat through the painted surface.

RMR-86 Pro

This new innovative formula is designed to last longer and is five times stronger than any mold and mildew stain remover on the market today.

RMR Botanical

Made with plant based ingredients that stop odor causing bacteria with just one treatment and are safe to use to on almost all surfaces.

Happy Customers

Since 2013, We’ve Helped Over 5000 Homeowners Improve Their Home Comfort Level.  This is what they have to say about your products and services.

“We very satisfied with entire YellowBlue Energy Saving Package and best of all the package is transferable if you sell your home & our utility have been cut considerably by approximately 50%. And this is put into our 2100sqft house in Prince George, the house is much warmer than before, and since putting the pkg. in we have not used our air conditioner. We installed the MLI, Invisiflex Paint, Solar Fan and we could not ask for better customer service.”
Larry Young
Prince George
"Ok we attended and had the below floor barrier and whiteface installed in what we thought was well insulated floor heating. Before the job was finished we knocked 3 degrees down on the heat pump, floor warmer and the crew... David and helpers were super professionals"
Scarlet Nicolson
Facebook Review

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